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Distance Calculator, Transmitting Power Output Calculator
Antenna Gain & Cable Loss, Receiver Sensitivity

System Performance

This calculator will give you one of three answers:

  1. If you leave distance blank it will apply the defined SAD factor (or default to 30%) to the Operating Margin and supply the max. distance (in Km and Miles) at which the Margin operates.
  2. If you enter the distance it will calculate the Operating Margin and the SAD factor.
  3. If you enter distance but leave RX or TX antenna gain (or both) blank it will apply the chosen SAD factor (or default it to 30% if none supplied) and generate the required antenna power. If both are left blank it will calculate a symmetrical antenna gain.
To RESET any parameter above just set to BLANK before clicking 'Calculate'

Notes: RX Sensitivity is ALWAYS expressed as a negative dBm (- dBm) and is the lowest power of signal your radio can handle. Its buried somewhere in your radio spec and will be typically in the range of -80 to -110 dBm. Don't guess or 'fudge' this number.

Frequency Distance   Result
 MHz  Km OR  Miles    dB
TX Power TX Cable TX Antenna  
 dBm OR  mW  dBm  dB  dB
RX Sensitivity RX Cable RX Antenna  
 dBm  dB  dB  dB
Margin RX Power SAD Factor Theoretical Margin
 dBm  %  dB

milliWatts to dBm (and vice versa)

Power in milliWatts to dBm (and vice versa) . Enter the 'Transmit Power' (A or G above) in milliWatts OR the 'Power Ratio' in dBm and click the appropriate 'Calculate' button. 1 Watt = 1000 milliWatts.

Transmit Power   Result
mW  dBm
Power Ratio   Result
 dBm  mW